What is going onn?

so this girl and I were chatting on text

girl: pick me up tomorrow in downtown tomorrow

me: sure


me: I'm picking you up inabit?

girl: I'm studying right now so I cant

me: okkk

at this point I was like meh w/e better luck next time

then she sended me this text

girl: I don't remember I was texting you yesterday? this seems weird...

me: ?

girl: nothing.

I don't know what to make off it. Is she trying to kill me slowly?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Either someone is using her phone or she's kooky.

    Let it alone.


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  • Leave it alone. She's the only one who knows whether she was lying or whether someone did really use her phone and all.


What Guys Said 1

  • 1-No she is just trying to cancel the date by acting stupid ( NO INSULT) , it's the best way to cancel a date without having an argue with and even you might get worry you will think someone used her phone /fb / twitter or what ever you use to text.

    2-There is a chance that she is telling the truth and someone text you instead of her or she was a drunk .

    only you can tell. :)