Should I make her aware that I'm inexperienced?

Alright, I'm embarrassed by this, but it is what it is.

I have a date coming up soon and I'm probably looking past it a little bit, but I'm a little worried about being inexperienced with physical things. I have never even kissed anyone. I'm way past the age where most people had their first kiss. I know it's not going to be good and I know how fickle girls are, so should I let her know that I've never done it before? Kind of like saying "Hey, it will get better."

I'm nervous about even admitting it, because I am embarrassed about it, but it seems almost necessary at this point. Agree or disagree?


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  • Just realax, enjoy the moment, and, if she's more experineced, let her take the lead with the kissing until you catch on. She'll probably be pleased to have a guy let her do that, and won' tmind if she has to teach you about kissing a little!

    Wait for the right moment to tell her it was your first kiss. Again, she'll be pleased to have been your first,if you're cute about it, and don't try to take the lead when she's the one more experienced.

    That will be fun for her...!


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  • Sure,why not. that way her expectations won't be so high.

    I let my ex know that so I see no harm.

    • So whether or not a guy is a good kisser isn't make or break?

  • You can always not say anything, let it happen, and then tell her "That was WAY better than I thought it was gonna be"

    • Yeah, I was leaning towards waiting 'til after to cover myself. I don't know. Girls aren't stupid when it comes to body language, so I thinking she's going to be aware of it anyway.

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  • Pretty much same situation just happened to me. We kissed and it was my 1st time but not hers and later she asked me if it was my 1st kiss and I said yes and she understood and took the lead and now it's easy. Don't worry about it it's easy

    • Cool. Thanks for the answer.

      I've been worried about it because you hear all of these things from girls saying that they couldn't be with a guy that wasn't a good kisser and like, if a guy can't dance well, he's not going to be good at sex, you know, that kind of stuff. Seeing as I've never done any of it before...