How should I have interesting conversations with a girl without them being forced and a drag over text?

So I recently met this really cute girl in school. She gave me her number yesterday. I didn't use her number yet. I know that there is a chance she will never text me back, but I am somewhat confident that she will. I didn't get to talk to her much so me and her don't know each others' age or where we are from. We just learned about what we did for spring break, her trying to add classes, she learned that I like to go to the gym.

But what are good ways to make a good impression over text without her just answering my text messages like a chore? But of course, having her want to talk to me because she finds me interesting.

Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. I have yet to use her number yet and text. Maybe I shouldn't have asked this question yet until I know that she would respond to my text in the first place...


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  • Did she seem to like you?

  • Is she answering them like a chore? Do the answers seems stilted and short, or is she having fun with it and including "lol"/ ":)" as most girls do?


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