How do I create sexual tension between us?

This girl and I dated for a while but she claimed I wasn't flirting with her and there is no "tension" between us. She was very interested in me the first month we were dating but it seemed like she got tired of waiting and felt nothing anymore. Lately, we are friends and not dating. Last week, she hit me up asking where I was and to pick her up from a horrible date she was on. I ignored her and kept doing my own thing. We make plans to meet that weekend. I cook dinner for her and her fam, we dance a bit, I even massaged her foot because she was in pain, etc. When I left her house she texted me saying she wished I would have stayed over the night. Since then she has been wishy washy about sleeping over. How/what do I say to her things that will create tension and get interest level back up?


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  • Simply go over to her house and do your thing.

    Or you can simply escalate things slowly by making out, touching her by the waist and making sexual innuendos.


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