Girls!! What is your age limit to date a guy

What is your age limit to date a guy that is younger or older than you. An example could be that I have dated a girl that just turned 27 and I am 23. Lmk does age really matter?


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  • Age does matter to me, unfortunately. I do prefer older guys. But I will date a guy my age or older. I just have a hard time dating younger guys (I have done this in the past and it always seems to end badly). So, that is why, it's not like I haven't tried it. I would be open to dating someone younger if, and only if, I felt they were right for me.

    My limits include: Same age, or up to 10 years older.

    I would be willing to date someone younger under the right circumstances though, and if I knew they would be good for me. Experience so far though hasn't really made me feel good about that :P


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  • What is your age limit to date a guy?

    The youngest I'd date is whatever is legal in the area and I wouldn't date a guy older than me.

    Lmk does age really matter?

    For this gal it does.

  • I'm 21, I would not date anyone younger than myself. He has to be born my year or older, but I prefer older. I like older men a lot.

    What do I like the most? About 10-12 years older.

    More than that would feel kind of wrong, but if it's less than 15 years maybe for short term dating.

    Practically speaking I look for 3-8 years older...but I do have a thing for slightly older than that. I think men are hottest between 32-36ish. So sexy.


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