5 texts, 3 calls in one hour!!!!

My boyfriend of one month feels like my boyfriend of three or four months. we shared so much already and bicker like we've been dating a while. anyway an incident happened where his phone wasn't receiving texts and I took a shower so we couldn't contact one another for one hour. I see I got 5 texts and 3 missed calls from him and as I try to call back he hangs up every time. turned out he was annoyed at me for not answering and finally believed I wasn't receiving anything, I had to reassure him that when I don't answer I'm not doing it on purpose.

Anyway, he claimed he wasn't mad although he admitted he hung up on me! I told him I was in shower and he goes "but you always tell me when you're about to do somehting so I didn't know" and he joked I was with another guy. then he said you didn't answer me for mad long. I also panicked when I couldn't contact him but I would never be annoyed or hang up. Now does it sound like he's possessive or he panicked when he couldn't contact me? is this normal ?

  • He is possessive and wants to know where you're at every second. simple
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  • He is scared . not necessarily possessive but he panicked when you didn't answer. not healthy but shows he has insecurity issues .
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  • Nothing really odd. most bfs call 3 times if they can't contact you and since you usually tell him what you're doing, he was just trying to contact you. he was anooyed which was messed up but who wouldn't be?
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  • Sounds obsessive, my girlfriend often takes a good hour or more to reply ot a text or sometimes doesn't reply if she's gone to bed or whatever, but it doesn't bother me because I know she has her own life and I have mine and she will get back to me when she is ready.

    you need to have that understanding in a relationship otherwise things can get a bit messy with accusations and mistrust flying around all over the place. the guy sounds very insecure and a little bit possesive of you. an hour is such a short amount of time and the behaviour he has displayed is almost classic female clingy behaviour. see how it goes and if it continues then have a word with the guy he needs to know if your not 100% happy with the way he's going about your relationship.

    hope this helps.

    • Yes he's like a girl and turns it around on me!! when I asked if he was mad he said who said that. so I asked if he got worried and he accused me of making it deeper than it was. I just don't find that good behvior! what's the point of texting that much if I didn't answer to begin with . obviosly I'm not around.

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  • Sounds at least VERY insecure, at most obsessive.


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