Intimidated to date early 20s girls and younger

All my life I've only dated girls my age and older. And some much older. I'm almost 28 and I really want to date younger women than me. But for some reason I'm really intimidated by them. Some girls are very picky on age maximums and I feel that sooner or later I might have to start fibbing about my age. I don't understand why I feel so intimidated by them. How can I stop?

Men and women who answer: what is your age and what is the minimum and max age for your ideal dating partner? Also will you make exceptions and date outside that range?

(my range is 20-31, and yes I'd make exceptions and date outside the numbers depending on the person).


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  • I love older guys. I'm 23 and am currently seeing a guy who is 28. Tuhe age difference is not a problem with us at all. It's not really that bad. We are both kind of in the same position career wise, and personally wise. He has an apartment, and I live in a basement apartment. We both have cars, and we both work office jobs.

    I think the important thing for you to do is to work out why you feel intimidated by younger women. What is it about younger women that makes you feel you aren't good enough?

    In my opinion, you are not too old to date girls who are younger. You just have to find the right person. Obviously some girls are going to have an issue dating a guy who is older. However, there are girls out there (and I am one of them!) who loves older guys. So it is possible to find someone who will love you :)


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  • Whatever you do, do not lie about your age, it's a sure-fire way to end up single very quickly.

    I'm 24, my general dating range is 23-28 (though I have gone as much as 6yrs older before). Depends on the guy though, I've noticed that guys don't generally grow out of the teenage boy, hanging with my bros stage of life until they're about 35yrs, or when their bros start getting married, which is a bit of a turn-off.

  • Im almost 26 and have a huge crush on a 23 y.o., I have dated 12 years older guy once. I would go for 10-15 years older guy, no problem. But at the moment the youngest should be 21-22

  • The youngest I will go is 24- 12 years younger than I am. Otherwise I feel creepy. Actually I feel a little creepy about DATING a 24 year-old, so I don't actually go out with mine... if you know what I mean. And I think you do. On the other end of the spectrum... I think the oldest I'd go for is maybe 15 years older? Much older than that and I'm pulling his walker out of the car for him, amirite?

    And I think my parameters are pretty concrete, though obviously I have lots of wiggle-room.


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