I'm 29 and live with my family. Do I have any right to be upset that I can't stay out late Please read details

I am a responsible adult that has a job and am taking a full load of classes (currently). I was in med school until last year. I had to withdraw for personal reasons and moved back in with my family. I'm the oldest child, and all my siblings are in professional school living at home. I am expected to live at home until I get married, and was only allowed to move out because I was going to dental school (was not allowed to move out for undergrad).

I'll give an example: During the day I'm expected to check in with my mother to let her know how my day is. Yesterday I told her I'd be out with my friends and was going back to their apartment after. She then called me at 7:30pm to know how late I was going to be (told her I didn't know), and who I was going to be with...they she told me she doesn't know what my friends look like and wanted me to send her a picture of us. And I did.

I didn't realize it, but at midnight, my dad sent me 10 text messages...he was pissed...one of them was about how the neighbors are going to think I'm irresponsible because I come in late. My mom called me at almost 1am asking where I was (I answered and told her I was coming home, and had to leave at that time), and then my brother that is 3 years younger than me texted me "where are you at"

My mom's justification was that I was in detroit where my friends live (close to the med school and the hospital system, an overall safe place...lots of police nearby and people.

If you can guess, my family is religious and I come from a certain culture where most women my age would be married and have kids already.


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  • Good grief! 29 and living at home? How do you maintain a normal sex life?

    • If I had sex before marriage I'd be shot

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    • She doesn't have a boyfriend I don't think.

    • Ah, well, it'll be easier to get one when you're not living with people who threaten you with death for having sex, so. . .

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  • You will always be their little girl.

    With that said, you live under their roof so that's part of it.

    Time to move out.

  • You sound as if you should spread your wings and leave. If you live under their roof you should abide to their rules. Do what you need to do to finish your education as soon as possible then leave and live your own life. If you cannot handle that then move out now but you better have a good way to support yourself. Michigan's economy is awful so I suggest finishing school.


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  • time to move out...i feel your pain, I'm 21 in graduate school living at home and my parents are not that bad but it's super annoying. some parents will always be controlling. I think maybe you are not that religious anyway so that is why you are not married? if you don't want to be like that I would leave. you need to give yourself some peace.

  • Wow your family is very strict they didn't let you move out for undergrad even my grandmother whos very old school let my mom and aunt do that. You are 29 years old and you have to check in with your mother something is very wrong here. You are not 16 you are a grown adult. I am not sure where you live but you need to move out and tell your parents how you are an adult and the law says you can do what you want. My parents are very strict and I'm 24 at home and they let me come and go as I please now because I told them that they are not going to stop me and they have come to terms with the fact that I am an adult.

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