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There's this gamer girl I like, she's Asian has a very unique and bubbly and cute attitude. She's really in to anime, really in to videogames. Kinda the stereotypical gamer girl sort.

Are there any girls like this out thereon GAG, and if so what appeals to you?


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  • What appeals to me as far as guys go? A guy who likes similar games that I do. It's not required but it can be awesome to find someone who you can play your favorite games with. For me it's hard to date a guy who doesn't play video games at all, but they are a pretty big part of my life so yeah. I'm sure it varies from person to person.


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  • What appeals to me?

    Well... Taking only this trait of mine into consideration..

    A boyfriend who enjoys my hobbies (not a requirement, people I'm closest to, don't so..), even if he does not, a boyfriend who does not mock me for them. And a boyfriend who is more outgoing with an ability to pull me out of my anime, game hole. I actually drew anime all over my room walls. It looks cute. =D

  • Common interests in anime and games appeals to me. But not a fake interest, a genuine interest or shared passion. I like animes like Naruto and Bleach, if a guy knows a little bit about it to talk about, that's great. If they don't, I'd really dislike it if they act as though they do. Just talk about games and anime like it's anything I guess, but don't only talk about that. Talk about your other interests, that's all I can say.


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  • One thing for sure.. If you're White, you've got a huge advantage. Asian girls LOVE us.

    Just let her know you're into her, subtle ways like through your actions. She'll get the hint.

    • I don't get the down votes lol. What I said was like saying "The sky is blue."