Heart broken and feeling used

Please help me understand the situation a litlle bit better or pack up and move on,not being on the waiting game,exhausting my feelings and being sad because this is going on and taking away my sleep,I met this guy...I did not imagine that love at first sight would go on a date or even existed,I went to apply for a job at a security company and felt in love with the guy that interviewed me,gosh I could not blink my eyes not because he is cute cause he is not but his personality was amazing,confidence high level,I got his number and texted him a couple of times but just in case of business and when I did not hear from him anymore and when I heard he was in bad conditions I went to see him couple of times at critical condition at the hospital because of a bad car accident and when he left the hospital I went to see him some more times and we ended up hooking up! But the thing is we used to text all the time,and he said hey sexy,beautiful and so on,after we hooked up he started vanishing :( and to make things better he broke up with his girlfriend at about a month ago but he says the relationship was bad a while before the break up.I sure showed him that I have an interest on him and probably messed up saying cute things like loving the time spending with him and loving all about him well that's my nature to tell people what I really feel! he always said I'm an amazing girl I know I am! I'm really caring person and affectionate and beautiful.It's been 2 days that I do not hear from him after we hooked up, messages got slower and now he disappeared and I even asked before the hook up if he was sure he wanted to do that :( I think I made a mistake looks like now he is gone or maybe back with his ex or maybe taking time to himself, I don't know what to think but he showed so much interest on me and now I feel used and that's is so sad...but I have on my head that he said it takes time to heal and I need to be patient and take it slow at first,well good luck to me if this is really the case,I don't wanna give up on him but also don't wanna be the one bothering all the time or be the rebound,my last message was asking when can I see him and I have not got a response in almost 3 days now!I even told him to be honest to me about his feelings and that I do understand when people break up but I really never dated one on that situation so I really don't know what to do and to think,I wanna leave it alone but my firngers burn to text him,phone beeps and my heart is about to jump out of my chest and I see is not him bam that is sad.I was not texting him all the time though sometimes woyld be all the long and I would hear from him first and in the other day I would text so we were back and forth not just one doing the effort.What to do guys?what have I done so wrong?Is it really that bad giving the good of you to a man and showing them how kind and caring a woman can be. We both have kids and had oppened up conversations since day one please help me at any kind!

I wish I could get some guys answers :(


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  • You're being used. Once a guy gets sex that easily without the wining and dining then that's all you are to them. I wouldn't waste my breath on him anymore.