Any embarrassing First Date Stories?

Hi guys and gals, just interested in hearing your stories. I personally suffered a wardrobe malfunction on my first date, but I don't think he minded :).


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  • On my first date with one of my ex-girlfriends, I had to take the biggest crap possible. We went out to dinner, and throughout the whole time, I tried to endure what I recall what felt like hell. I really liked her as my girlfriend at this stage, and I didn’t want her to know me as the guy that went to go take a crap on the first date. Halfway through dinner, I couldn’t help it anymore. I excused myself from the table and went on to slay this demon that had caused me this hardship. The long journey took exactly 11 minutes and 53 seconds. I was exhausted and relieved at the same time, until I realized… what the heck do I tell her? I couldn’t bear to tell her that I was taking a crap in the stall. So, I decided to man up, and tell her that the bathroom attendant was being very rude, and kept talking to me. But being the gentleman that I was, I decided to hear his stories.

    • Do we get to hear more of your story?

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  • Was dropping a girl off after a date and to end the date I was just going to give her a light embrace and leave it at that... but as I lean in to hug her she tries to kiss me but my head was kinda off to the side so I totally missed the connection. I'm smooth like that.

  • Ooh THAT sounds like fun! loL! What was the nature of your wardrobe malfunction?

  • I didn't realize it was meant to be a date so I brought a friend along. Then we found another friend along the way...You can imagine how it went.

    I only even figured it was supposed to be a date when, the day after, she complained that we probably didn't talk for more than 5 minutes that entire evening.

    • hahaha how did you not know it was a date?

    • She just asked to hang out without specifics, told me to go find her after rehearsal. She was with one of her friends when she asked so I figured her friend would be coming as well, just a casual hangout with friends and brought along a bandmate. Sure wasn't what she had in mind ahahah

  • i sh*t my pants and threw up at the same time sitting at the table during dinner.


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  • We went out to a restaurant that a friend of mine recommended which turned out to be a little posh-er than I was expecting... It was a thai place, so we ended up both getting curry/ spicy style dishes.

    When he dropped me home, we talked for a little outside and then I went in for a hug and he went in for a kiss. We kissed on his second attempt, but I was kind of nervous because he was older and a more experienced kisser than me, so I pulled away and apologized for having curry breath.

    I could have died on the spot I was so mortified my brain had allowed me to say such a thing, but luckily he just laughed it off, said "me too" and went in for another :)

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