She won't kiss me.. Why?!

I've been going out with this girl for 5 months now. She's cute and nice. We really love each other but the big problem is that we still haven't had our first kiss. I've tried doing it but she would always turn her head around and say that she isn't ready. She said it's partly Because of her braces and she's scared that she won't be able to control herself and will end up making out with me and hurt my lips. We've been talking about this for few days now and I've been telling her that it's gna be fine. But she still won't! Any solutions to convince her that it'll be fine?


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  • yeah 5 months does seem like a long time... " won't control herself"lolol

    just try kissing her on your own, but don't be forceful. take it easy and embrace her. If she does go into heavy make out session, than lean back ( not in a grossed out way)


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