How can you tell the difference between if your date is flirting with other people or just being friendly?

The guy I'm dating seems extremely friendly to women, I would say he isn't really flirting but the girls reactions seem flirtatious. Am I just being insecure or should I address it?


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  • I think both. You are being insecure, since you're the first admitting that he isn't really flirting with those other girls- common, I'm sure you can see the difference between your conversations and theirs. That being said, I believe you should address it, just because you will not get pass your insecurities without a little reassurance: the fact that you are getting jealous (let's call it how it is) shows that you like him, and you may want to get serious and exclusive in the near future. You need to know where you stand, and the only way to find out, is to honestly talk to him. Worst thing that can happen? He will tell you he was flirting, and you'll be sad and disappointed- but at least you won't lose your precious time with somebody that's not worth it.

    PS: you'll never control other girls' reactions to him, so try to adjust and live with it- at least, other girls would like to be with a guy like him, but he chose you.

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