She'd date me if she didn't have a boyfriend?

So me and this girl had known each other by sight for 2 years, and I think she liked me, though I was oblivious to her at first.

We were talking and flirting for 4 months, but I couldn't bring myself to ask her on a date. I had been told that she had given me a lot of chances to ask her out.

I made a mistake and it cooled off. Then I did ask her on a date and she told me she has a boyfriend that she's been with 6 years, but that she would date me if she didn't have a boyfriend.

She then told me where she goes to drink sometimes.

What's going on and what should I do?

Two days before, she told me that she did like me.


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  • I think you should move on.she's in a ltr.i've used that line to let a guy down gently


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  • If she wanted to date then she would have asked you out. She's not into you like that but sounds like she wants to be friends.

    • Hmm... I think from her behavior she was/is interested, but I'm not gonna hang on.

  • She has boyfriend of six years! You respect that and leave her alone.


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