Is she interested or just being nice?

So I had a college course with this girl a little more than a year ago. I added her on fb and talked to her once or twice but she ended up getting a boyfriend and we stopped talking. now she's single again.

I sent her a fb message and got a conversation going. I said we should meet up sometime and she replied "yeah that'd be nice!"

I went on to contact her again the following day and mentioned we should grab coffee or lunch. she said "yeah we could probably do that some time!"

I know she's really busy because she plays for the university's soccer team and the spring season is just about to start up so I asked what day would work best for her and gave her my number so she could text me.

she hadn't responded after a couple hours and I thought maybe I should try and give her a time frame so I did. She responded way later that night saying "Sorry I was in practice till 930 then I was eating and doing homework! That's a possibility, I have a project I have to work on with my patent group tomorrow but I don't know what time yet :("

i told her it wasn't a problem and that she had my number so if she wants to meet up or chat to give me a shout.

She responded by saying "Yeah for sure, we'll work something out!"

Is she interested or is she just being nice and trying to say no without making it weird

i guess what really throws me off is her answers are never short, and she uses exclamation points quite frequently, which leads me to believe she doesn't mind talking to me. we haven't been talking long, only a couple of days. could it be that she feels she doesn't know me well enough to feel comfortable? if I don't hear anything from her should I just let it be and move on, or should I go back to messaging her and try to get a straight answer out of her?


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  • I can't really tell you if she is interested or not but I can tell you that when I am interested in a guy no matter how busy I am I make sure to spend time with him. You don't even know how crazy girls can get on a guy. I'll make my study group shorter, I'll finish my HW faster, I'll go see him for 30minutes. I don't care how short I get to see him! As long as I see him for just like a minute I am happy.

    But I did have the same exact scenario happen to me and he was just being nice. He sent me a text late at night just like your girl saying "Sorry I was busy, etc, etc." All these excuses. We haven't talked again in a very, very long time. So I conclude he was only being nice :/

    Would you mind answering mine?


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  • Only time will tell. If she texts you back then you'll know. Otherwise chances are she's not too keen.

    Personally I would leave it a week and if there was no reply then just send a small text saying "still waiting for you to text me to "work something out", if you don't want to or are too busy then just say and save us both the time"