Does he like me? I am confused how he really feels

I met a guy through a TV/Movie website (Veetle) and we seemed to really hit it off. He really seems to like to chat to me on Yahoo messenger and Skype. We do not talk on the phone and have not met... yet. We have decided we are friends with the potential for more.

What bothers me is he will talk all sweet and nice to me and then disappear for 4 days. He says he is busy. I respect he has a life besides me, but I feel like he doesn't really think of me enough to try to call me or chat with me. I know we are only friends, but he acts like he wishes we were more. We do live states apart and I know girls do talk more.

I have given him my number and he has not called. In some ways I feel used,lonely etc when he is what feels like ignoring me.

I know we want to take it slow, but how can we get to know each other if we don't talk?

So, I feel like giving him a Dear John letter, but I can't bring myself to do that since we are not 'dating' We major flirt and I know he has feeling for me. He has said so. I just don't want to be used. I am scared even if he says he is not using me... he might.

I think a lot would be cleared up if we met, but that won't be till summer. I know I am a bit insecure and perhaps I need a bit more reassurance but I feel bad asking for that and don't know if it is my place.

On a side note I only had one boyfriend and have dated a few guys. I am 32.


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  • I'm assuming there isn't any real commitment as of yet so you're just going to have to wait it out a little longer. Mind you I'm assuming this is only less than two months.

    Meanwhile you're going to have to keep messaging him and such if you want to remain friends. The obvious issue here to me is thatyou've met on the internet and your relationship is stirred in this nature because of it. At worse, his early display of behavior may be signs that this relationship hasn't really got a chance of romance. He may be spacing you out of his life intentionally because he just doesn't put you as a priority right now. You being someone who he met on the internet makes it super easy for him to do that.

    I suggest you establish what your aims are in this relationship. If you've decided to really see that the potential is there, you're going to have to make sure you both have sufficoent communication before that decision is made. And also if things take a pit fall after your summer meeting, and by that I mean when you go back to you go back and resume your relationship by distance, if things revert back you may have to see yourself out before you end up getting hurt.

    • I like what you said. I do wonder though do guys communicate different to women they like?

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      I believe both partners are equally responsible under any potential relationship to express their feelings whenever they get the chance. However many have it the wrong way round and wait to see their partner

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      give first sign first before they themselves display their own personal affection. In any potential relationship this is infamously known as "making the first move".

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  • personally, I would just move on and forget about him, it's really strange that he can not call you kinda like he's hidding a big part of his life from you whatever it may be. But, if you have a hard time finding someone to connect with I can understand if you would not want to move on