What have the girls/guys you've dated looked like?

Do you see a trend in the type of girls/guys you're attracted to? Do you like people of a certain height, body type (slim, average, chubby, etc.), facial features, race, hair length, well-dressed/casual, other things...? Just curious.


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  • I have 2 types that I go for.

    Type I is Big, Dumb, and Pretty. I may catch hell for admitting it, but there you have it. The BDPs are not relationship material. I call them my "chew toys". I have short-lived (shortest was maybe 2 weeks, longest was about 3 months) but extremely fun encounters with the BDPs and when we part ways I don't miss them, though I think fondly on occasion, though there isn't and there never was any feeling of being kindred spirits. They tend to be sweet-natured but dull. They are handsome and physically strong, and are usually younger than me by quite a bit. I like them clean-shaven and I lean toward the brunettes with light eyes (green or hazel, usually) but that isn't written in stone. They are all over 6 feet tall. They all have nice teeth and deep voices. They are all tattooed. Most of them have heavy, dramatic eyebrows. I also like a widow's peak hairline- go figure, right? Talking about stuff is not really a thing with the BDPs. The thing I hear the most from a BDP when they talk to me about me is some variation of being referred to as "weird" or "different". We meet, we do the stuff, we leave. I call them to deliver, or they call me to come for a visit.

    Type II is Other. Those are the guys I get into relationships with. They are invariably smart, funny (to me), possessed of rapier-like wit, and usually display some sort of nerdery. Usually the Others are not what could be called traditionally handsome- they have been short or tall, or round or skinny, of varying hair colors and skin tones. A few of them were bald or balding. They all have had the ability to delight and/or surprize me. They are all well-read. They are all creative in some way. Typically they have some talent at which they excel (not a sexual talent) and are willing to teach/show/perform for/educate me. Thay have all been good with their hands, to some degree or another (again, no sexual meaning here) because I have little knack for that and I respect that ability in the fellas.

    I am so firm in my preferences that my friends can spot either a BDP or an Other at 50 paces and at one glance. I never mix them. It's not that I don't think I could or should be in a relationship with a man who is Big and Pretty and also Smart and Funny- it's just that for whatever reason, I haven't found the one that would be the Venn Diagram Guy- where all the circles meet. That probably has more to do with me than it does with men- I'm in sort of a pattern, I guess, and I don't seem to deviate from it. Probably if I met Mr Venn Diagram, it would blow my mind and I wouldn't be able to do anything with him- I don't know. I don't like my food to touch, and I guess I don't like my men to run over into each other, either.

    That's probably terrible and horrible and awful. Maybe I am a wretched sh*t of a person, but those are my types.

    • Haha, I always love your answers. So detailed and witty! Often funny too. :)

      I can't judge, you like what you like. Thanks for being honest, and for so thoroughly answering the question.

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  • There is no pattern physically. Mentally, girls that are more spontaneous and free spirited are drawn to me.

  • Not factoring in personality, Slim, dark hair down to their waist, nice boobs and butt, wears tight clothes but doesn't dress like a [slutty].

    Personality wise I like quiet girls who are quirky and nice.

  • It's usually long hair, brown, black blond. Must be shorter then me at all cost haha. Cute, nice, Christian, well dressed average. White. And that's about it


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  • I noticed a pattern...I like shaggy messy hair, great smile, clean shaved. Most of the guys I've dated have been slim with some muscle but I have dated a couple of guys that are a little chubby. I'm more of a personality person, but if they are cute,I just go in for the kill. Lol.

    But I also have noticed I like white boys, haha.

  • There isn't really one set of physical characteristics I usually go for.

    I tend to go for really quirky guys. Fun, creative... that kind.

    My first (sort of) boyfriend is a musician. And a VERY good one.

    My most recent boyfriend is basically the epitome of a dirty hippie. Dreadlocks, smokes a lot of weed, also musical like my first boyfriend.

    They're both very different from one another, but alike in that they have interesting quirks that stand out to me.

    Idk.. It's kind of stupid. Mabye I'll grow out of it someday, lol.

  • I have a type:

    Blonde hair

    Blue eyes


    Swimmer build


    If we're speaking physically only. Men hate me for it lol But I all ready found him so ha!

  • i am attracted to a certain type. I am usually attracted to guys who are on the shorter side of average (5"8 to 5"9)

    i am usually attracted to darker hair and brown eyes.

    i have a certain "look" I find attractive but have not only dated that look.