Why is he acting like this?

I've been seeing a guy for 3 months now. It's been good. We might go a day or two without talking, but then we reconnect like normal. No drama. Last time we hung out in person was Tuesday. It was fairly normal. But since then we haven't talked. We talked Wed but it was so...flat. Nothing since then. I tried texting him tonight but he hasn't gotten back. I'm pretty sure he's been busy the past couple days but... urrggghhh. Why is it so hard to text back? And why is it that this goes from normal to being like strangers within a couple days, without warning? also, he's still liking my FB statuses but...ugh. does he like me and is busy? or is he ignoring me?


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  • I think maybe he could be busy and also maybe he doesn't text back right away because he probably doesn't want to seem to clingy. I thin kmost guys think if a girl texts them nonstop or all the time it makes her seem clingy to him. Also to I think the more you hang out or talk to a person that you cna run out of thigns to say or talk about. Like you said that conversation was flat on wed. I think that can happen sometimes. I do feel he should at least be texting you to let you he is busy because it's the principle or being respectful. You shouldn't have to keep texting him to see how he is doing and stuff. Maybe he also don't like to text much. I think a lot of guys don't like to text as much as girls do. I hope he isn't ignoring you becase that would be very rude. But he still is liking your fb statuses so that is a good thing.


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