At what point is it appropriate to do the first kiss?

I think I messed my chances with this girl because I took too long to do anyting to move it to the next level. It has been three dates total and I did not kiss her, or make any strong advancements. Now she is not answering my phone calls and has not responded to my text asking her out for a study date we talked about doing last time we talked; it's been a few days. I have a gut feeling she's bored with me for being too cautious.

So much pressure is put on guys to be the initiator of everything in the dating scene, and if we make the wrong move too soon, she may back away. I believe this, but now I'm thinking that all my life I've been over analyzing how the beginning of the dating process should work.

Btw on the second date it was my birthday, and she gave me a card and signed it xoxo. I really blew it didn't I?


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  • Yep, you did indeed blow it' totally! I'm not sure if it was not moving faster,though, it could be a lot ofother reasons, you know!