Is he interested or is he just a nice guy?

I am interested in this guy. We have known each other for years but he is a little older than me and we have always socialized in different circles, until recently. He has been coming to my church since the end of last year. I started chatting with him when I saw him and have been texting him occasionally. He is always really responsive when chatting or texting. When chatting he engages in conversation, smiles a lot and our eye contact lingers. However, he never initiates anything. I am always the first to start a conversation in person and via text, and I almost feel like he is avoiding looking in my direction when we are around each other.

Is he just being nice, or is he interested?

Oh yes, he is also not very experienced with girls.


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  • That "update" of yours changes the equation quite a bit .

    If he were indeed experienced with girls , then I would have probably said he doesn't seem too interested in you . But since he isn't , he might be interested in you .

    When you talk/text him , do you guys flirt ? what stuff do you talk about ?

    • I'd say yes. For example

      continuation of texting conversation

      Him: "I't wasn't for long though- and we had a bbq tea which was good :-). Yeah near the water would have been nice... Ill probably see you next Saturday at oaklands - enjoy the rest of your week :-)!"

      Me: "Cool, looking forward to it :) goodnight."

      Him: "Goodnight :-)"

    • I wouldn't really categorize this as "flirting" . Seems like he's being nice more than anything else . But I always think it's a bit tricky when it goes to people who are shy or "inexperienced" as you put it .

      Do you like him ? If you do then why don't you ask him out for coffee ? Don't worry about the fact that he supposedly looks away from you when you are talking . I'd probably do the same if I was talking to my crush ; he's probably just nervous talking to you !

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