How can you tell if you're annoying the guy you like?

And I mean by texting him too much?

I usually message my crush (we're good friends) first, he rarely texts firts. Which makes me think he isn't interested in talking. But whenever I do message him first (every few days) we'll end up talkingfor a few hours, but he'll always just randomly stop texting me unless it's late and he's going to bed. He's never flat out ignored a message from me or anything. But still haha.

So, guys how does a girl tell?


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  • I think you should be a bit "unpredictable" . Don't keep texting him all the time . If you generally text him everyday , try to cut down on that and maybe text him only twice a week or something .

    Has he expressed any kind of interest in you yet ? Guys generally like a girl to be slightly difficult to get ( hence the phrase "the chase is better than the catch" ) . If a girl keeps texting me often , then I kinda get bored , because she doesn't seem like a "challenging" catch . So even if I'm really interested in her , I'd probably lose interest soon .

    My advice would be to just tone it down a bit . Don't text him every single day . See if he initiates a conversation once in a while . Generally relationships in which both the guy and the girl are somewhat equally "invested" work out really well . By "invested" I mean he should make the effort to reach out to you .


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  • I know you're looking for answers from guys but thought Id put in my two cents. If you text him every day then he expects it. You could try not texting him for a few days to throw him off and see his response. If he texts you back wondering why you haven't been texting him then Id say he likes you.

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