Is he trying to makes me jealous, what's his game?

I have had this gorgeous friends with benefits for 3 years. We have been through bfs and gfs and always come back to each other but he always has the upper hand and I make my self to available. I know deep down he cares about me but it's to late for us to be anything more. Even though I will always like him. We got pregnant in the beginning but lost it which is why I'm attached but he isn't so much. Last night he called me to tell me he was going on a blind date that he "REALLY" didn't want to go on. Talked about how he's been busy with a new job. I told him to have fun and be nice to her. And he asked me what I was doing after his date because he wanted to see me.i told him to come over and that Id be waiting on his call. And he joked I mean unless I get lucky. Never called, never came. So I sat up thinking and knowing he was out with someone else.i think he knows deep down I like him so Why would he call me before a date and do that. How do I change the game and make him crawl after me. And why try and make me jealous if he doesn't have feelings?


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  • You need to get him to respect you more, and realize that if he did respect you, then he wouldn't use you like this, so express your needs to be in a relationship with him, and if he cannot return those emotions, then its time to staert looking elsewhere again, otherwise your going to get hurt in the end,x


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