Guys: texting a girl you like

Guys, when you are texting a girl you like, I heard you text her about once/twice a week.

But, If she texts you, after you already texted her that week, how often do you reply? Do you sometimes see her text while your busy and forget about it?

Because there is this guy that I like, and he likes me back, and we were FaceTiming yesterday. Later that night I wanted to talk to him so I texted "hey" and he never responded. Just wondering if there was a reason he does this, because it has happened more than once.

Thanks in advance:)


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  • He could just be missing them I know I'm not always checking my phone. I doubt he is ignoring you even if he is checking his phone the phone companies are kinda janky sometimes. Hopefully this helps!

    PS: If you need any other help feel free to message me!


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