What questions do girls find boring to answer or have trouble holding a conversation with?

You haven't talked to someone int a week or so...

Is the question, "How was your week?" boring?

what about "How are you?"

I want to text someone Because I like her and I think they she likes me. She use too. I don't even know if she thinks about me outside our calls.(Distance and being busy with the military gives little time to talk so we don't talk often)

She always calls me when she needs help with something and says she misses me. I just don't wanna text her "Hey"... Because that's pointless and leads to nothing. I wanna see if she really wants to talk to me.

Which is why I'm trying to avoid dead end questions.


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  • Maybe ask what she's been up to rather than how she is, as then she can talk about her interests and activities and you guys can compare weekends etc. Sometimes when someone whom I'm not close with asks, 'how are you?' I feel like I have to discuss my emotions and it gets a bit awkward. Just an idea. But other than that I wouldn't worry too much as if there is mutual interest the conversation will flow anyway.


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  • "how was your week" shows interest. sports conversations get boring for me...but truthfully, if I'm interested in a guy, I will discuss just about anything.

  • I'm not so interested in sport, so that is kinda boring for me, but if I know he is interested I try to seem a little interested and ask questions :)


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  • To avoid dead-end questions, avoid yes/no questions.

    In fact, don't say JUST questions. Say statements.

    Ex. "How was your day?" vs. "Tell me what happened to you today; talk to me :)"

    There is a difference.

  • There's no such thing.

    When a girl is attracted to a man just about anything he says has more stock in it.

    For the unattractive or neutral individual? Not so much.

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