Would you date someone you used to babysit?

When I was little there was a family around the corner from us whose son was our babysitter. I'm 22 and he's 34. Well after not seeing him since I was little we hung out together because I moved to the same city as him, across the country lol We have a LOT in common! Everything we agreed on and had a really good time. And he is freakin cuuuttee! I think I may have a crush on him lol Would you date someone you used to babysit? Would it be too weird for you? Or would you only be able to see them as the little kid you used to take care of?


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  • I had a huge crush on my baby sitter. I don't think it would be weird if you two dated. Though my sitter was in a serious relationship when I ran into her after I got out of the military.


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