Blind I'm confused

I went to a party and met up with a blind date my friend hooked me up with. We were both pretty drunk...Anyways my date had a fake i.d. and was buying drinks for the most of the party. At first he was hesitant to let me have any of his drink and as the night went on, he gradually would encourage me to drink and eventually just bought me my own and put them in a water cup. We danced the majority of the night and he was constantly trying to grind. We stayed pretty late and then went to a party his friend was throwing. When we got there, he introduced me to many of his friends and one of them blantantly asked if we kissed so I reached over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Eventually I became sober and one of my friends arrived and we both told him to go hang out with his friends, at first he kept saying he didn't want to leave us but eventually he left and started talking with friends. Last night we exchanged numbers so this afternoon I just texted him thanks for coming and I hope you had fun and he responded with It was my pleasure and I had a wonderful time :) I'm not really sure what to think now...I responded like an hour an a half after he texted me back and its been like 2 hours and he hasn't responded...should I just assume he isn't in to me?


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  • It's only been 2 hours. Chill out. He can't have other things to do?


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