Should I keep waiting or just end things once and for all?

The guy I'm sort of dating never kisses me in the mouth.

We've been seeing each other for the past 3 months, but flirted from a distance for another 4 before he called me. He says he cares about me, he says I love you, always call me pet names, hugs me, cuddles me, calls me every day and is very aware of my needs. We've even slept together without having sex. But he only kisses me in the face, neck or shoulders.

I asked him what was that all about and he said he's dying to kiss me in the lips, but kissing and sex creates a bond and compromise, and he's not ready for that. He's between jobs right now, and had a very bad relationship some time ago.

He treats me like his girlfriend, has introduced me to his best friends and dad, not his mom yet. He's always letting me know what he's doing, or going to do. Telling me his plans and worries. He makes a lot of plans for the future, including me on them. But he refers to me as his friend.

So I don't know what to think of it.

Should I keep waiting and see or just end things once and for all?


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  • It sounds like he isn't normal. I mean, 3 months? And he kisses you elsewhere but not the lips? I would be really wary of this dude; I smell deeper issues here...

    • Yes, I'm aware he has issues about the no job status and bad past relationship thing.

      But I understand those things and they're something I can live with. I'm just not sure if he'll eventually come out of it so I should stay by, or just move on at once. He's a great guy, we're so alike and enjoy the time we're together so much, I just don't know that to do.

    • I would move on. How old is he? Is he in school? If he is not in school full-time, he has no excuse for not getting a job. And if he's so hurt that he can't kiss you on the lips, he is either stringing you along or has no business being I'n any relationship ATM.

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