Has she lost interest?

This girl I've been talking to, I think has lost interst. Well we'be been on two good dates, and hung out. Well I gave her, her space and later I sent her a text asking is she wanted to join me to go to the mall as I haven't seen her in a while (2weeks)? Here's the breakdown:

Me: Hey Monday I'm going to the mall, wanna join me?

Her: Which one?

Me: XXXX mall, in XXXXX

Her: I won't know until I get my schedule

Me: OK just let me know how your day pans out, if you can't then no biggie some other time :)

Couple days later...

No text from her and tomorrow I'm going to the mall, did she lose interest, or just let me down easily. I was gonna make it a date and show her I like her. :(

Also we flirt, and we wish each other goodmorning.


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  • She said that she may be busy. Why don't you ask her if she got her schedule?

    • She didnt' say she was busy, and she text back saying Hey hun I won't be able to go to mall, I'm sorry :( I wasn't really going to the mall, I was basically testing her, to see if I was doing something(living my life) if she'd be willing to go if I asked her to come/join me.

    • That doesn't mean she lost interest.

      PS: stuff like that = turnoff

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