Is he ever going to give me more than just peck kisses?

So I have been dating this guy for a little bit now, been on about 3 dates. The first time he kissed me it was cute and sweet, there were just many sweet slow pecks, I figured this was normal because it was a first kiss and we are still getting to know each other. Then the second and third time we kissed, it was the same pecking type of kiss... I know he likes me a lot so that's not the issue, I'm wondering if this is just his way of taking things slow? or if maybe he does not like passionate, intimate, french kissing with some tongue!?!?!?! SO should I hold off on saying anything and see where it goes? or should I kindly say something?


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  • Give hm some time. You're probably guessng right--this is his way of taking things easy.

    He'll probably get around to something a little warmer when you are going to his place, or yours, or the hotel...

    If you say anythng, it would be taken as criticism, of a really biting, personal hold off!

  • lol he probably just wants to take things slow. 3 dates isn't that much really. when the time feels right itll happen.


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