GUYS: Please reply. Why he replied this to my text?

Me and this guy have been flirting lot in RL. So, just you flirt further, I texted him, "I miss you." We both are NOT English natives and his language is a bit weaker than mine. He replied, "Only you miss me, that's it?" I am unable to get the meaning from his message. Whether he wants to say that I am the only person who misses him, no one else. Or he wants to say that being romantic that not only I miss him, but he too. Or he wants to say that Only I miss him, and not love/like/feel other emotions for him. Can you guys help me with understanding what he meant.

Please try to make me understand this. Thank you.

& NO I can't ask him what he means due to several reasons too long to mention here.


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  • 1. Assuming he's from the same country as you are, 'miss you' has various meanings around this part of the world. It can mean the usual way it does, a way to say 'I'm horny for you' etc

    2. In this context he probably wants you to say 'you are horny for him' - period. Like it or not that's a fact

  • Because he isn't particularly good at English, I have to wonder if what is written is completely different to what he meant... Is your native language the same as his? If it is, maybe ask him to say it in your native language so that he might express it better and you might understand better. If you don't speak the same language I suggest getting him to write it in his native language and using a translator. I know it's a lot just to find what he meant, but you can't really so this subtlety.


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