Would this qualify me as a "homewrecker"?

So there is this guy that I met in college, but he has a girlfriend from back in high school. For the longest time, I didn't say anything because he has a girlfriend, but I feel like there was mutual flirting between the two of us. I recently let him know that I like him and would like to be more than friends, but I didn't say "break up with your girlfriend right now". I'm afraid that he's looking at me like a home wrecker, but you go throughout life meeting different people and maybe they're the ones you are supposed to date. Am I now considered a homewrecker?


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  • The ball is in his court. He can choose to stay loyal to his girlfriend or not to. However, I'd suggest if he decides he wants to be with you to break it off with his HS girlfriend first. If he wants to cheat on her with you, you might want to reconsider how good this guy is since the same thing could happen to you down the road too.


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