Does he really like me?

Met a guy 7 months ago via online dating, we got along great and were attracted to each other.

Unfortunately due to work schedules and me going through a rough time in my life and the fact that we lived 2 1/2 hours away from each other we never met up again but kept in contact via texting.

Now he's moved 8 hours away for work. He wants me to go see him which is cool and I've arranged to go in 5 weeks time as that's the earliest I can go .

He has promised to stay single until then as he said he likes me.

He is still on Internet dating and I would say has many girls interested as he's good looking.

He really is looking for a commited relationship.

Should I feel special because he's agreed to stay single so he can see me? Or not really?


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  • Yes

  • You should really feel special.

    Though, you should really keep contacts as long and as frequent as possible to avoid the interest going down. Texts, call, video call, chat and message each other a lot.

    • Thank you ! I will :)

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