A Handshake? No mention of girlfriend?

I had a drink with a guy I used to date to talk about academic stuff, but I was also testing the waters. We stopped dating when he freaked out because he had just been dumped and wasn't ready for anything serious (even though we didn't sleep together, kiss or anything).

It was cordial, not terribly flirtatious because we're both shy, and I'm pretty serious about someone I'm seeing.

I found out the day after that he's dating someone, and no way did he mention her or even hint at it. When I texted him for advice, he said he'd be happy to chat, how about we get a drink? I was surprised by the enthusiastic response, and optimistic. The conversation was great, just like old times...

He shook my hand at the end of the conversation and left...what was that strange gesture (grad students don't shake hands!), and why wouldn't he have mentioned the new girl? I didn't mention my almost-boyfriend because, well, I was probing to see where this guy stood...


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  • It seems like you're just a good friend to him.


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