My boyfriend is a terrible kisser, and I probably am too, help?

My boyfriend and I just had our first kiss and it was horrendous. I wasn't expected a french kiss but he practically swallowed my lips and stuck his tongue down my throat. My lips were covered in his saliva by the end of the kiss. The angle was all awkward and I'm sure I'm a terrible kisser too (but I wouldn't know considering that I've never felt my own kiss). I have no idea what to do. Sure, practice makes perfect, but in this case practice would just be awkward and I don't think it'll get us anywhere. What should I say/do?


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  • Tell him you gotta do that one over. Here's what you both need to do. Each of you needs to focus on your respective lips and keep them puckered as fully as possible, they need to be firm so your mouths don't just mash into each other. You also need to each suck your own mouths and lips as dry as possible before the kiss, saliva is bad. You can't lean into each other, sit straight and hold his shoulders to stop him from mashing into you. Keep the lips firmy puckered! Tell him to keep his lips firmly puckered! You gotta tell him that. Swallow your saliva, he'll follow your lead on that. Slowly ease off on his shoulders to let him come to you. Really the guy should stay firm and let the girl come to him, but it sounds like you need to take charge. Start with a peck and slowly let it grow into more, keep those lips puckered at all times, that is the key! And your firm lips will block his tongue as needed, you can put yours out slightly when YOU are ready for tongue, he shouldn't lead with tongue. Good luck! :P

    • This sounds great, but I can't exactly tell him this :/ , and I feel like this would be harder than I imagine.

    • Sorry, I was verbose, I'll simplify - make sure mouth has no loose saliva first, pucker the lips as firm as possible, don't lean in. Even if just one person does this, the kiss will be much better. Once both do it, then, fireworks!

  • What do you think makes a good kiss?

    • Not too slobbery, but definitely hot. It can be a peck or a french, but considering I'm a newbie at this, a peck would be easier.

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