I don't know what to think?

Well we didn't even officially date. We went on ONE date, and I didn't even really want to go because my mood was really bad...But I think I ended up hurting him and then after a while things were awkward, and we barely talked anymore. All he would do was stare but wouldn't make a move to talk to me, and I wasn't sure if I should talk to him either...Now it's been 6 months and I really miss him. I didn't want things to end, like I really liked him and the feelings were mutual. He's friends with his 2 ex girlfriends, but not me...When I asked him if we could be normal again, his response was: "Okay, but I'm confused. What was wrong?" And I told him I felt that things were awkward but he said "Oh I felt fine. I didn't know about you..." So I guess he doesn't care anymore really? Now well text a little but in class, he just looks over occasionally and talks to people NEAR me, but doesn't say a word to me...Like, I just don't know what to make of this situation. I don't wanna be like "I want you back" because I feel like he'd be weirded out or something lol


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  • From the information provided, it seems he intuitively sensed you felt uncomfortable on your date, thought he may have been the cause and is distancing himself in response.

    Perhaps he is interested in pursuing a romance but does not want to initiate because he thinks he makes you feel awkward.

    As a strategy, avoid private one on one encounters for now and try to do something as part of a group via: have you and your friends and him and his friends meet up for pizza or drinks.

    Try to relax, make an effort to be charming, humorous yet aloof as to not draw any unnecessary attention. Once he sees you can be comfortable with him in a social environment he might pursue a one on one.

    P.S: Don't bring up the former awkwardness., it will just reinvent the moment and therefore make it awkward again. Act as though your first date never happened.

    Best of luck young lady.


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  • Looks like you blew the first date. Only thing you can do is apologize, explain what happened and ask if he'd give you another chance to start over.

  • You just need to start talking to him again, in talking, I mean a lot.

    Make him comfortable again, and also, ask if you can go out some time again.


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