Guys ,Why would my ex act like this?

Ran into my ex after no contact for 8 months at a mutual friends party .I walked up ,he says I don't want a relationship with anyone, we're different people he was drinking . My response was I just wanted to say hello how are you. He then said I still have feelings for you & really miss you. I asked if we could be friends & leave the rest in the past for everyone's sake. He agreed next day text me what's up, if you're ever bored call. He text me everyday for a week just small talk. He called & I couldn't answer I was out, I called back later left him message hi sorry I missed your call talk to you later. Next day he text not a good idea talking again lets leave it where it was. I said OK, if you ever need a friend to listen I'm here take care. He broke up with me. He started texting me daily now wants no contact why?


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  • Honestly? It sounds like he was probably interested in something casual, and realized that's not what you want and decided to cut it off.

    I'd move on and not pay him mind. Don't be available for him when he isn't for you.