Can someone explain this message to me?

My friend texted me this 'Hey uhm... I've kinda had feelings for this one guy already... and yeah..i wanted you to tell you that's why I was asking if we could only be friends" Does she just want to be friends cause she likes this other dude? Or be friends til she gets over him O_o cause she told me she liked me too, she calls me cute, gets upset when I don't text her, Enjoys spending time with me and she rested her head on my chest when we watched a movie yesterday. I'm lost ._.


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  • This girl is just using you right now as a stepping stone. She's doing the semi girlfriend thing with you until she finds a guy she could do the full girlfriend thing with. Letting her do that was a big mistake on your part. Don't ever be afraid of a woman, especially one you have nothing invested in, walking away from you. And believe me, that will have the girls falling for you. Let her know that it's cool if all she wants is friendship, but that's not all you want from her, and because of that you have to step away. If she wants to know if that means you can't be friends, say yes. Had you said that from the start, she might be your girlfriend right now. So, cut her off and be firm about it. Don't go texting her at night because you're bored. That just shows that she has you wraped around her finger. Who knows, she might start looking at you differently.


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  • She's putting you on the back burner and going after this guy.

    She may like him more than she likes you.

    This is unhealthy for any type of relationship you deserve to have with this girl because she

    Is playing with your heart and stringing you along.

    If I were you I'd fade more into the background and either discontinue contact with her,

    Or speak to her on rare occasions (and keep the conversation short).

    You deserve better treatment, sorry this happened.

    • Well I'm friends with her and her sister, her sister told me before that she has a long distance boyfriend (The other dude) so I feel that she doesn't want to end things with him and she likes me but wants to be friends til things end with her boyfriend cause cheating would be wrong. Not sure but your input seems realistic too.

    • Ok, we'll if this guy is her boyfriend that you've known about along. Do not allow yourself to get closer to her, because you know who she will continue to choose over you.

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  • Guys and girls can't be "just friends". She thinks she can but she really can't. She's letting you down easy and wants you stop talking to her

    • If that's the case, why would she get upset when I don't text her?