I miss my ex but I doubt he misses me what to do..

So my ex and I broke up three months ago but we both constantly text each other and get into fights about everything. Literally. We tried to just be cool and be friends but he screwed up. He texted me and asked if we could work things out so naturally I said yes. So we were chillin in my room and he kissed me and we ended up hooking up so I thought maybe we would make things official but he texted me and said things weren't gonna work out and things were weird between us. I've blocked his number and fb but I see him in shook everyday and I really want him to be apart of my life because I do care about him..I just don't know what to do. I'm not even sure I know how to let go. HELP.

He never told me why we broke up. He said he doesn't like me but his friends say other wise. He treats me like sh*t and says he hates me so I'm a bit confused.


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  • Why did you two brake up? Maybe ask him if he still likes you? Maybe wait a little bit before going back out with him.


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