We've been on three dates!

On the third date we slept together. Hung out the whole next day and she even invited me to a barbecue where I met some of her friends. She invited me over for dinner in the next couple days. We met online and it will be three weeks since we went on our first date. Things seem to be going good, but at what point is it a good time to ask what she is looking for?, Ask if she is still dating online?, Is she exclusively just seeing me?, etc? Is there one to lead with?


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  • I think it is safe to ask her these questions...NOW.Since you have had sex,and you have met some of her friends.She is incorporating you more in her life by having you meet people she knows...so...talk to her about it.I would ask something like..."So how is "match"?(or whatever site you're on)...then I would take it from there.Good luck.:)

  • You should feel comfortable to ask her now, I doubt she's brought every guy she likes around her friends. Women usually do this to let her friends know she's comfortable and into you. She's showing you off, the girls into you so ask her.

    • So I brought it up and asked her, it scared her. Even after everything we had done, she is still keeping her options open on match. Despite the fact that she said, no guy has ever treated her this nice before and been this attentive. She wants to see how everything plays out! So at this point I feel like her placeholder and am clueless on what the hell women think. It's seems like a lot of mixed signals to me. I thought I would finish playing these high school games at my age.

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