Ladies be honest Are fat/overweight guys make ugly and nasty?

I was reading questions online about rather or not women/girls hate fat guys? The answers were mixed and of course some said no and would date a fat guy but see I wasn't 100% sold on that. I think they were just be nice. I asked this question because I'm 5'11 and weigh around 250? Not to sure on the weight. I'm nice to people, friendly polite and I'm not ugly or hot just average (but feel ugly). Do I have a chance with any women or should I just give up? by the way I walk alot.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • iam sure most women prefer fit guys, some are indifferent but id say most prefer fit guys. ever since I've lost weight again, girls can't keep their eyes off me

    • As much as I hate to admit it your right. I just hate the fact I have to change myself just to get a girl or woman to like me? Their the ones who are always saying just be yourself don't change for anyone and yet some of us guys are single go figure.

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    • confidence goes a long way too bro

    • I can have all the confidence in the world and still get turned down. So to me confidence is a made up word.

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What Girls Said 12

  • I can't say that I would call a person ugly or nasty because they are overweight.That's just mean.

    But as far as my own attraction for a romantic relationship,I am more attracted to people with a similiar body type to mine...slim and fit/healthy.I am into being physically fit,and somewhat healthy,so I would like to find someone similiar in that area.People who are overweight most often have issues with eating (sometimes people have health issues too),but I think most times people are just over eating,which will likely lead to health issues down the road depending upon how over weight they are.That type of lifestyle is not part of mine,and it is something that I am in no way,shape,form or fashion attracted to,or interested in dealing with.


    I can't tell anyone,nor would I ever tell anyone to give up on love or dating because there are people out there who ONLY date people with more meat on their bones.So...there is someone for everyone.Its all about preferences at the end of the day you know?

  • i love big guys. if I'm lucky hell get divorced and ill marry him link

  • Well of course you have a chance with women if you demonstrate the qualities you say you do. I've seen really unattractive men and women and they end up with a better looking significant other. Fat guys can be attractive, like Fat Joe, then again he is a rapper. My brother was fat and he still could get a woman so it depends on the personal preferance of some people. Personally I don't mind bigger guys as long as they're more along solid looking.

    • 'Fat Joe" is a bad example... He's not attractive in the face at all. Women are only surrounding him due to the cash he's throwing around. link - Like him, it shows that he has a nice define jawline :D -- Potentials like him.

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    • Yeah I mean there are some people who think fat guys are attractive like men who like fat women. But maybe as long as someone looks like a more healthy solid fat and not like chubby. Unless the person is a "chubby chaser".

    • But I mean if you feel some type of way. Why not work out and eat less processed foods?

  • My last relationship was with a man who was overweight. He had some difficulty with walking for long periods of time but he was amazing in bed! I didn't think he was ugly or nasty at all. He was actually very cute and he kept himself very neat and clean and always smelled nice. Don't be so hard on yourself swiss, there's a nice girl out there for you and there are so many different types of people looking for someone to love! Just start by loving yourself and be yourself and the universe will respond in a positive way.

  • Work out, then you'll have a higher chance to get with women.

    Just like girls, you work out, you get a nice body... Guys come flocking. Your face would look better too..

    I wouldn't date a guy who's overweight - Why would I... When I can get a guy with a nice body already. But if he's working on it, I'll be there to support and give him a chance. He's working on a healthier lifestyle plus, he'll start looking good.

    Fat/overweight guys are not necessary ugly unless their face is already unattractive. Nasty (body wise).

    This goes for guys who are (under)weight.. Thin. As well...

    • They're only attractive.. If they have the potential to look good after losing weight.

      Hell.. link - Would ANY guy go for the girl when she was 197 pounds? No, I didn't think so. Yet, she has the potential to LOOK that good after losing weight.

    • hell yea I take her when she was at 197. that's a cute ass fat chick! I wouldn't mind smothering myself on her while I sleep and f*** her in bed

    • HAHAHAH, okay. Die happy :D

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What Guys Said 3

  • there is a thing called a gym. No one made you fat.

    • No sh*t sherlocks. And FYI not everyone who's fat just sits around all day pigging out on food. I've always been on the heavy side even since birth. I also have a slow metabolism so it makes it harder for me to lose the weight.

  • I know three women who like big guys. Two are rather big themselves, and one is the tiniest woman I personally know.

    That being said, it's a fact that you'd significantly increase your odds by dropping some of that weight. Most women don't expect a guy to be fit and athletic, and out of shape is often very acceptable, but being in the "obese" range usually isn't.

  • Unless you had a really good personality and had the facial features of someone who'd look hot once they lost their weight, the answer is no.

    If it really bothers you, stop crying about it and hit the gym. Sick and tired of hearing fat people complain about their weight like it's the end of the world. There's just no excuse for having no time to exercise. If you have work, take the time you usually do in your free time (like watching TV and surfing the internet) to go and hit the gym instead.

    • I never said I was fat jackass.

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    • You know, some people have metabolic issues and seriously cannot drop the weight they have, no matter how much they exercise and diet. But I guess that doesn't matter to you, does it?

    • Excuses. Visit and you'll see tons of ex-fatties who were just like you losing a fckton of weight and getting muscular. They admit they had same excuses too until they got off their ass, hit the gym and followed a strict diet.

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