Does he want to date or what?

we met at a few different parties and talkd Facebook for awhile the he gave me his number. he doesn't text me first but if I say hey he starts/ continues the convo and says we should chill some time and party sometime. we have chilled once with his friends but that's it


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  • One of two things is happening here:

    Its possible he just wants to be friends since he NEVER initiates conversations with you.And when the two of you hung out,it was with others.So maybe he thinks you would make a good friend.Just a note:If a guy is truly interested,even if he is supposedly shy,he will want to communicate and get to know you in some way.You wouldn't have to initiate everything.

    And number two,maybe he needs some guidance...a little help.If I were you,I would stop texting,and that would give you your answer because its probable that he's not that into you.(Sorry,I had to say it.) Or if he does reach out via text,tell him you're not into texting often.Tell him you're a face to face kind of person.I just did this with a guy and he jumped on the opportunity to ask me out...because he IS interested.So if he is interested truly,he will take the opportunity to ask you out and get to know YOU.

    But honestly,right now...he doesn't seem that interested.


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