What should I do?? help

Ok so tonight I am going over to my friends house (it's a guy) we have hung out once before at his house and cuddled and watched movies it was so cute, he is the kinda guy that doesn't sleep around and he is kinda shy when it comes to kisses and so am I,

We are going to play some bored games and have fun.

My question is I'm not fully sure if he likes me but I think he does and And at some point tonight there will be a stage were we will be close and I'm not sure if I should just kiss him or not?


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  • He has invited you around there is a very high chance he is interested in kissing you. He is most likely feeling the same way you are. The best way to find out is to ask you will be surprised how well it will go.


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  • Ummmm...

    So he is inviting you over,cuddling and doing fun things with you...and you're unsure if he is interested in you?Girl!Guys don't do things like this for a girl they are not interested in.It just doesn't happen.The fact that you guys are cuddling,that says something.

    Whether or not you should kiss him...I am unsure of.Maybe he is taking things at a glacial pace for a reason...and that's okay.Since you are uncertain if he is interested,I would play my cards differently.If I found myself in this scenario,I would just keep invading his space,and being really close and giving him "the look".Eventually,he would get the message.

    But good luck!

    • Thanks, I do think he I interested it's just the annoying fact we are both shy that doesn't help, and I do invade his space like we have tickle wars and pillow fights and muck around like that

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    • Ummm...how old are the two of you?His reasoning sounds a little lame.Anyway,make a move or leave it alone I guess.His response sounds very juvenile.Anyway,good luck.

    • In his defense I do have to say it was 3am and we had been drinking since 11am the day before and we are both 18

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