What do girls look for in a online dating profile?

I have just started using dating sites and I was trying to write my profile but had no clue what to put in the profile.

I want to know what does a girl look for when reading a guys profile. And what turns her off when reading the guys profile.


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  • I did online dating briefly. Here are the things I looked for in order of importance:

    1. Religion, since religious beliefs are posted on PoF profiles. I'm a Christian and I wanted to date a guy who is also a Christian (or Protestant, or Catholic, or whatever, as long as he believes in the same God as me).

    2. Similar values. Is this a guy who's gonna respect my purity promise? Is he into smoking or drugs? Would my parents like him?

    3. Intelligence. I check their "About Me" and see if they use spelling and grammar.

    4. Personality. Does he seem serious or playful? Social or a loner? Patient or hot tempered? Kind or selfish? I might message him a bit to find out.

    5. What kind of girl they say they're looking for. Do I fit the description?

    6. Age. I'm 20 and prefer a guy 18-26.

    7. Picture. Yes, I have to be attracted to him. He doesn't have to be super hot or anything; I actually highly prefer average-looking guys.

    8. Common interests. It's not necessary for him to like all the same stuff as me, but maybe one or two shared interests so we have something to do together.

    Think that covers it. :)


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  • I think your profile will depend on what you are looking for. If you are just looking for friends, then maybe an interest based profile is better for you. Highlight stuff that you like to do, and people who like to do those things can easily see that you are a good match for them.

    If you are looking for dating, then you need to highlight why you would be a good match for someone. Highlight your good traits, talk about hobbies, talk about what you like in a girl.

    This kind of goes for the same if you are looking for a serious relationship. Highlight what your goals for the future are, what you are looking for in a girl, what you are like, etc...

    Things that turn me off when looking at a guys profile:

    -Bitter rants about ex gf's (this is especially a bad one because it make you look really bad). It makes me think that the guy isn't over his ex, or that he is going to take his anger out on me in the relationship. Not something I would be interested in so I usually just lose interest right away when I see this.

    -Not putting any detail into your profile at all. People who just put "If you want to know more, just ask ;)" On their profile, no, no thanks. They didn't take the time to at least write a little bit about themselves shows they are not serious, or that they are lazy. Try to write a little bit, like I said talk about yourself, what you are like, what you are looking for, and some of your hobbies. This is the easiest way to convey who you are to another person online.

    -Spelling errors, if they are really bad. I'm not usually picky with spelling, but if you can barely read their profile and understand what they are saying, then that's a problem. So make sure you proof-read before posting :)

  • Tadpole had a good list. So I'll just add to that, don't say you are funny, if you are, we can read that by how you write. Also, try to limit the photos of you out with other girls, a photo of you out with your buddies doing something more than just drinking beer is really good. Try to make it look like you don't hide out in your house and don't go trolling bars every night. And no shirtless photos unless you are the beach or in a pool.

    Do a spelling and grammar check on your profile, we like knowing that you are educated. For me, personally, nothing is a worse turn-off that poor spelling and lots of grammar mistakes.

    Have something creative... there is usually that "for my first date" line in there. Make it something fun and simple but not extreme. The two I remember reading once that caught my eye were "I'd take you out skating and end with a hot cup of hot chocolate" and "I'd love to take you rock climbing." Everyone writes "go out for coffee or drinks" or something like that. That's high pressure... if you do something active, especially because it will be in a public setting, it will end much better.

    Write about goals you have... we like knowing that you have a plan in life. Beyond that, good luck! As long as you keep it fun and simple, it should be good.

  • Try to be open and honest. Plus remember there is an important difference between confident and cocky.

  • i've checked out one dating site and what I liked about the few profiles I looked at were the ones that were hilarious and made me laugh. I sent them a message to let them know I thought their profile was funny and ended up messaging back and forth. it was all harmless and fun but never did meet anyone tho because I haven't had the nerve to meet someone I met online. the bottom line is being honest and genuine about who you are.

  • Please whatever you do don't write about how you love to go hiking.


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  • Here are a few things that could help.

    Don't talk all about how you view yourself. Anyone can say they are kind and funny. At the very least you could use more interesting ways to describe yourself. Instead, say how you view the world.

    Find opinions (not necessarily about politics, but about life in general), that not everyone may agree with (for example, maybe you hate video games and love the outdoors) and speak them out. Instead of generalizing yourself to please all women. Narrow yourself down so you can connect to a few women.

    Mention what you look for in a woman and a quality you value in all relationships.

    Put effort into your profile and give it detail. Everyone lists their hobbies and what TV shows they like to the point where when a girl has already read 5 profiles and sees yours, she wants something different.

    Having variety of photos (of you out places with people) instead of just pics of you in your house.

    Don't mention anything about what you don't like in a woman, or about how any woman has hurt you in the past or what you feel your inadequacies are.

  • Some suggestion that you actually have a life, that other people like you, that you're not about to turn into a creepy, clingy stalker.

    Being decent looking and enjoying life and being stable (emotionally even more then any other way).

  • Same thing everyone looks for at first - a good photo.