Ok I don't know how to respond or reply to this text...

i met a really nice man last year and I like him and like spending time with him. we haven't started a serious relationship because we both have our own things to do and it's nothing personal which we both understand. I'm going to be moving to another town for work and school and don't know when I'm going to see him again. I know we will keep in touch and he's also planning on moving to the same town I'm moving to sometime this summer.

anyways he has a really good friend who I met about 3 weeks ago ago and he lives in the town where I'm moving to. we've been in contact with each other since meeting because he knows I'm going to be moving there and he knows the town and a lot of people and has offered to help me out if need be.

so my question is that he sent me a text asking me for a picture of myself and I just don't know what to say or how to respond. please keep in mind that I am single at this point in my life and I am in no hurry to start another relationship. I'm very comfortable keeping things casual and like I said I really like my friend in the town where I'm living right now and want to take things easy. the thing is that he doesn't know his friend who he introduced me to sent me a message asking for a picture and I'm not quite sure how to respond or do. if anyone can give me some insight on the situation that would be really great. thanks for reading.


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  • Why does he want or need the picture?

    • i really don't know. he didn't say. just asked if I had a picture to send him. maybe so he can remember what I look like is the way I'd like to look at it. thanks for answering.