Guys would you ever consider dating a girl who hooked up with an acquaintance?

Would you consider dating a girl who had a one night stand with an acquaintance of yours while drunk? This happened to a classmate and it sparked a debate. What about if you were dating a girl, developed strong emotions for her, then found out she slept with your acquaintance? would you continue to date her?


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  • How fast did she and I have sex?

    • Do you mean the Length of time the actual sex took, or how long she knew the acquaintance before the hook up? From what I gather, the actual sex went on for about 5 minutes before she stopped him. I know the guy and the girl who had the one night stand from primary school, we were all in the same class from age 5. Her new boyfriend is somebody she met last year, but the news of the hookup only broke only came to light last week. She & I attend the same uni, so does the hookup.

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    • I'm not certain exactly how long she took to sleep with her boyfriend, from our conversations I'd say maybe 2 months into their dating, but she has very strong feelings for him and they've been dating for about 7 months now. I asked her why she never said anything to her boyfriend and she said it was because she was afraid he would break up with her.

    • Given that scenario I'd be hurt and seriously questioning the relationship.

  • Probably not. I went to a friends wedding this summer and half the groomsmen had slept with the bride-to-be. Not my idea of classy.

    • That's awful. I don't even know that guy and I feel bad for him.

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