What do I do?

My ex and I still hang out as much as we did when we were dating!

But that's not the biggest part of the problem,he is a pretty big guy(muscle wise) and other guys are intimidated to talk to me

even though they know that him and I are over! This seems

really unfair to me because a.if I were to start something up with

someone else he shouldn't try to stop that. and b.why can't they

understand that he wouldn't do anything to them because he

understands that it's not his business!

What should I do?!


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  • simple - if you want another man, stop hanging around your ex and expecting other guys to hit on you. it's not going to happen.

  • You need to set boundaries with your ex if you want to meet and date new people. First of all you shouldn't bring other guys around him. How would you like it if these guys brought you to their ex's? And most of all, why are you letting your ex control that part of your life? It's easier said then done but you need to move on and take control of your own social life.

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