Guys, Have you Ever used a Dating Coach and was it Worth Your Time and Money?

Please don't try to sell anything to me. I'm just wondering what guys have bothered to actually spend their time and money on dating coaches and was it worth it to them. How good were the results?

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  • I won't vote but allow me to explain why I won't vote I will say this I haven't decided if I should since I'm a nice guy/a good man and no I'm not self proclaim nice guy I really am a good man hiring a dating coach is just one of my options I do have in my list of options I do have so honestly I haven't decided yet if I should or if I shouldn't.

    And no I don't know is it worth the money I will be honest and say I've joined a PUA forum site sorry I don't know why many girls and many women in most cases and in generally speaking love that bad men such as womanizer, pick up artists,thug scumbags and many other bad men and I'm not generalizing and I'm not stereotyping I'm only saying most of them are like this if not some of them are.

    And I'm only speaking in general and if you wanted to know what happen to me in relationships/past relationships I've been lied to,used,cheated on,back stabbed and betrayed all because of my kindness if I'm a bad man she'll love me and respected me and wanted me first and yes she have sex with a**holes/bad men but if I'm a good man I get nothing ,nothing but left over scraps.

    Sorry being/or sounding harsh I'm just being honest about what happen and what happen to good men and nice guys like myself and so you know I'm still a virgin and I'm 25 years old and I'm saving my virginity till marriage and I expect her to do the same and so for now I don't know yet if I should hire a dating coach yet that's just one of my options at the moment.

    Sorry for a long read and I hope anyone who reply to my answer to read very carefully to fully understand we went through before replying and I can go on and on so I leave it here for now and PM anyone if I choose to tell you farther details if I like to add something thanks for reading this :).

    • If you want to know what kind of a shape I'm in I'm super skinny very thin because of my high metabolism no I'm not buffed I bet girls and women/most of them anyway hate guys like me when we are not musclebound hunk with 6-8 PAC abs they craved and wanted since they love muscles and wanted to be protected.

    • One more thing I forgot to mention when I said I bet girls and women/most of them anyway hate guys like me when we are not musclebound hunk with 6-8 PAC abs they craved and wanted since they love muscles and wanted to be protected I'm not talking about all I mean most of them if not some of them and I was speaking in general :).

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  • I think the benefit of a coach would be that they force guys into the real world and into real experiences and challenges, as well as giving live feedback.

    Kinda like gym trainer I would think?

    I've never had one but I can see the benefit... I don't think we have any where I live. Basically they're like highly skilled wingmen?

    ~ Robby

  • I never felt the need or desire to hire a dating coach. I can't say it would be a complete waste of money in the case of everyone, certainly some would probably benefit from it, but certainly would be a total waste of money in my case. I never really needed thee services of a dating coach.

    I didn't participate in the poll because I didn't see an option that best supported my views, but felt I would give my personal insight all the same.

  • I had a friend who made money 'coaching' dates, so he helped me out for free way back in my early twenties.

    . I thought he was ohly good at coming up with 'lines' and 'techniques', but that really, you can't coach intimacy and love.

    For REALLY shy people, those 'lines' and techniques probably are valuable, since they help complete neophytes get over the initial nervous stage. But for anyone else, you will have better results on your own.

    • I'm pretty sure there are tonnes of people who make a living teaching others about intimacy and love. Anthony Robbins being one of them. Not to mention an endless selection of books...

      If you didn't grow up in a great family it's easy to not know how to create intimacy, connection and love.

  • Dating coach? I didn't know they exist... Well maybe I knew a little but forgot, and it seemed kind of surreal to me because I mean all a dating coach is to me is Hitch.

  • Good results.

    It will force you to go out a lot, and approach more girls.

    Though, it's not really advisable.

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