He said he likes me but never contacts me?

So I met this guy 5 months ago. We exchanged numbers and he texted me the next day asking me on a date the following weekend. I agreed but then had to cancel due to work.

After that I texted him making another time for a date and that was fine but I ended up having to cancel that as well. All up after that I cancelled on him like 5 times. We still haven't been on a date because I kept canceling , things came up or I just got really nervous as he's really good looking and I was nervous to go.

I texted him again last week and he asked me again for a date. I have agreed and won't cancel this time.

The thing is is that he never ever contacts me. The only time he has contacted me first is that very first time he asked me out. All the other times it's been me contacting him.

Even last week when we arranged the date he was like cool see you then. And I never ever hear from him.

What does this mean?


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  • Some guys do this,from my experience.It could mean something,or nothing at all.

    Lord knows,this generation is LAZY when it comes down to dating.

    But from your story and my experience,I can only speculate:

    #1.Girls play games. There are even blogs about girls cancelling the FIRST date...just to make him WANT you more when he is finally able to go out with you.

    Maybe he thinks you are just playing him.

    #2.You cancelled on this guy 5 daggone times! Cinco times! If I was a dude,I would leave that girl in the dust,and move on to someone who is more serious about seeing me.If a guy cancelled on me that many times,I wouldn't think he was serious.I would think he only considers me an afterthought.

    #3.Some guys who are players don't bother to communicate with you because...well...why should they.Their goal is to get in your pants as quickly as they can,so no need to know much if anything

    about you but the very generic stuff.

    #4.Maybe his interest level has faded because of your behavior.Trust is important...so maybe he isn't that enthused because he figures you will cancel in the next five minutes.

    Final Words:

    I don't believe anyone should work themselves up into a tiff just because someone is...cute.So what.What's his personality like?And its clear that you don't know much about that,so there really is no reason to be nervous because of aesthetics now is there?In my experience,if someone wants to truly see you,they will move mountains to make it happen.You haven't done that so,maybe the interest level has decreased on his behalf.But see if you can salvage the situation.Just know,its possible he is dating others.Maybe that's why he hasn't contacted you.

    Good luck.


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  • Hey doggy! come here boy!...SMACK!

    Rinse and repeat.

    Eventually they dog is going to hesitate.

    • I get ya. He's never contacted me first though apart from that first one and only time

    • He likely thought your cancellations were a reflection of something he did and is trying to alter his ways to enhance himself. That or he disinterested. It could also be he is just one of those guys who thinks the phone is out to get him. I for one avoid my phone like plague. It's evil.

  • I haven't told her I like her, but I always try contacting her..

    Never tell a girl you like her, before she tells you

    • Lol he told me he liked me last week when we arranged the date.

    • Bad idea

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  • It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. I will spell it out for you honey...YOU KEEP CANCELLING ON HIM AND HE IS LOSING INTEREST! My God woman if you like this guy then step up to the frickin plate and start following through on things otherwise you will lose him and the only person you will have to blame is yourself.

  • He may be losing interest or busy doing other things and possibly think you are going to cancel so he may not want to try for something that won't get the same effort he would give. not trying to be harsh but don't be intimidated by him. Men love a confident woman. Even if he was a total hunk enjoy it! He's hot! APOLOGIZE TO HIM FOR THE PREVIOUS ARRANGEMENTS falling through and make sure you show up this time and try to clear the slate...If it doesn't work then on to the next..

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