Please Please Help Need Advice on What to do ex boyfriend dating others and me

First I have to say this is a guy getting a divorce separated 9 months. I have been dating a guy 3 1/2 months. I have meet most his friends and family. He said I am the only girl he has like this much and the only girl to ever bring to his home etc. We go out a lot with his friends etc and spend some time at his house. He has always said I am really into you. We did not have sex right away and sex is really really great. At two months he said he wanted to be committed/exclusive but he didn't go off a dating site when I said something about it we had an argument. I considered it over and told him I hooked up with my ex to piss him off because I thought it was done. A day later he apologized invited me to dinner and then went off there. We have had a couple other minor problems. He has said a few times I better not hurt him. Everything was good and one day he took a text out of context about giving him breathing room (but I meant not so much relationship talk) He thought I broke up with him and went back on this site so I asked why what in the world and he said he wasn't sure about us to I said lets just break up then and was really nice about it. Again he called a day later invited me out and said he didn't want to be broke up. .

So here we go again. Back together said he wanted me to be his girlfriend and didn't go off the dating site I said something and then he did. Then one weekend he got mad at me because I hung up on him and he ignored me for a day so finally I text you do me Ill do you and broke up with him he was pissed and said move on.

That lasted the weekend and I contacted him to be friends this is the first time I have contacted him back. So after that things got really good he was calling a lot and spending quite a bit of time with me and we have been spending time together. He is now calling a couple times a day which is better than ever before. But he is on the dating site and so am I it annoys me he told me the other night he loves me. when we are together we have a lot of fun and he is very affectionate he shows all the signs of being in love. But when I ask him about the site he said he is a social person and he wants and needs to meet other people since he was married so long. He says he has no intention of having sex and if he does he would let me know. He said if I walk away he would hate that and he thinks he could sort through this fast and we could be committed soon. So do I continue to date him and let him have his space and date others to. I have lots of options but I do love him. If I just allow this do I look like a loser and he is still calling trying to make plans but now I won't have the time I had for him before cause going to date others. Men is this normal he was married 17 years I feel like we are right for each other and I know I am a great catch I don't think he will find anyone better I really don't. And should I stop sex with him while he is dating others?

so he is off the dating site and has been I guess a week now says we are exclusive says he is not dating anyone else. Says he loves me and is in love with me but he is still hot and cold sometimes. I am now not liking him so much and the love is dying why do people play games. If he really loves me he is stupid because he as almost killed my feelings for him with the games. Now I could care less if he dates other people or we are a couple or not over it!
okay new update found him on another dating site so he went off that one to trick me and went on a new one what a SOB, So now I am dating others and single again


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  • You should just leave him.

    He's just using you for booty calls and he's even dating other girls when both of you are exclusive to each other.

    • I thought booty calls is when you doin't spend time together and just hook up. But just in case your right I am not having sex with him anymore going out tonight. Ill date him he can buy me dinner and take me out but no cookie. He can find a girl that is into booty calls and casual sex for that. Also several other guys want to date me so maybe one of them wiill be the right one for me. Not ready to throw this away. I think if it is about sex if that stops then he will go away right?

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