Is it ever okay to call a guy you like say to hi or just talk?

he calls me to do the same. But since we're not dating I feel like I have to let him chase me so I'm told. But I thinks that's just driving him away. the less I show interest the more he seems to back off. But I feel awkward calling him though. I hate talking on the phone and I'm not great at keeping up the conversation so there's lots of awkward silences. but I'd rather call then text. I'm so sick of texting five minute conversations that last for like four hours. we don't see each other as we live in different towns, so I'm at loss at what to do. but I don't want to call him and have it backfire.


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  • Don't listen to any kind of "make him chase you" comments. If you want to call him, call him! Even if its a quick call to ask about his day. If you're having awkward silences, end the call.

  • It'll help if you're tipsy. You become more confident and outgoing when you have a little alcohol in you. The girl I like, can only talk to me on the phone when she's tipsy. I think she's a little shy, if she's not


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